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Musician, composer and producer - born and living in Austria - a? Painter of Musical Landscapes with worldwide acknowledgement.
His music is inspired by the beauty of nature and by the wisdom and myths of ancient cultures. In his mostly instrumental compositions he captures moments full of magic and fascination, tells tales of joy and sadness, love and cosmic harmony. The music is rich with emotions, from soft and tender to powerful and uplifting.

Gandalf plays a variety of instruments (piano, acoustic and electric guitars, sitar, saz, charango, bouzuki, balaphon, various keyboards and percussion), creating his unmistakable and absolutely unique soundscapes by blending acoustic with electronic and spherical sounds, weaving Folk-, Ethno Music- and Classical elements into large symphonic structures.

Since the beginning of his career in 1981 the artist has released numerous albums in many parts of the world (visit the discography), composed music for theatre-, film- and TV-productions and also wrote and arranged projects for symphony orchestra. Initially being one of the pioneers in a more electronic-based musical genre, he devoted his work in the recent years to a more acoustic style. In fact Gandalf never really cared whether his music was associated with New Age Music, Contemporary Instrumental of whatever. He performed solo or with band at festivals for Electronic Music as well as on Rock/Pop- and World Music-events and toured in Europe, the USA and even Brazil. His records are on the playlists of radio- and TV-stations all over the planet.

On the occasion of his 30th stage anniversary in 2011 simultaneously with his symphonic composition Earthsong & Stardance (Erdenklang & Sternentanz) Gandalf released an autobiographic book. This made him discover his talent as a writer and therefore, besides continuing to follow his musical visions, he started writing novels. The first one, Die Seelenharfe, has been released in 2014.

"Music is one of the most essential things in my life. Since my early childhood it stimulated my fantasy and took me on adventurous journeys to unknown places of my mind. Better than anything else music makes it possible to share my most intimate feelings and visions with others. It is a way to communicate directly from heart to heart. Music has always been a kind of sanctuary for me, a protected place to withdraw from the noise and craziness in the world where I find comfort and peace. To ever stop making music would mean to stop breathing." - Gandalf

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